Geometry of Packings and Networks -

A Workshop presented by Michael O'Keeffe

Many problems in condensed matter physics and chemistry, including most of those generally held to be ‘hard’, require that a space of structures be sampled – either statistically or dynamically or both. The enumeration of structures has been a central concern of geometers for centuries. The identification of the regular polyhedra by the ancient Greeks has since been supplemented by the work of Kepler, Schlafli and Coxeter amongst others. The studies of the filling of space by periodic arrangements of polyhedra and nets by Wells, Mackay and O’Keeffe represent, not only a geometrical basis for crystal chemistry, but deep insights into the restrictions that 3D space imposes on the space of structures it can contain.

The mini-workshop will consist of three lectures by Michael O’Keeffe of Arizona State University in which he has agreed to take up the challenge of introducing chemists and physicist to a modern perspective of the geometry of networks and packings and explore the application of these ideas to the aperiodic world of amorphous structures.

Michael O’Keeffe is the Regents Professor at Arizona State University, the author of over 260 papers including the classic text Crystal Structures: Patterns & Symmetry with Bruce Hyde and the holder of a very respectable position on Thomson’s list of the 100 most cited chemists.

Workshop Program

Mike has proposed to spend two lectures covering the principles and applications described in the following two papers:

Crystal nets as Graphs
O. Delagado-Friedrichs & M. O'Keeffe. J. Solid State Chem. 178, 2480-2485 (2005).

Taxonomy of Periodic nets and the Design of Materials
O. Delgado-Friedrich, M. O'Keeffe & O. M. Yaghi. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 9, 1035-1043 (2007).

The third session will comprise of short (~ 5 min) contributions from attendees in which they outline a specific geometric aspect of their research. Attendees are encouraged to send in a 1-2 page description of their contribution in advance of the meeting. These contributions will all be made available through the conference web site and the final format of the third session of the Geometry Workshop will be decided by attendees in the course of the meeting. Please send contributions to

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